Karyn Reece offers a variety of professional services that cover the complete picture of intuitive services, including:

· Psychic Medium: Ms. Reece offers her clients dynamic services relating to speaking with those who have transitioned to the other side. With Karyn’s abilities, you have the clear picture that there is no death but simply transitions as Karyn offers you a chance to speak directly with lost loved ones and friends.

· Psychic Intuitive: Here Karyn offers her clients a variety of intuitive skills as she is able to draw upon information from the past, information from the present and information from the future. Her subject areas includes but is not limited to your love life, career and money.

· Criminal Investigations: Ms. Reece is a sought after consultant for nationwide law enforcement particularly as it relates to cold cases that require geographical placement. She has been instrumental in the closing of many such cases and continues to be called for such cases by law enforcement detectives across the country.

· Paranormal Investigations: Karyn has spent years reporting on sightings and hauntings and the psychic histories associated with various objects as she can take an object and provide a psychic history of it. Her TV show, The Karyn Reece Show is a prime example of this.

· Past Life Regressions: Karyn Reece has the ability to show a person some of their major past life experiences particularly as they relate to the present.

· Pet Intuitive: Karyn’s unique intuitive abilities spans the realm of animal psychic as she can solve many problems that you may be having with your pet and discuss your relationship with them.

· Psychic Historian: Karyn’s unique abilities also includes showcasing the history of objects and geological finds.

· Lectures: Karyn offers a variety of lectures and classes on the development of psychic abilities.

· Audience Participation: Karyn is called upon by a variety of prestigious groups such as country clubs and women’s clubs to offer an audience participation format.

· Business Consulting: Karyn assesses businesses and corporations in terms of sales, marketing, and financial matters. In addition, she uses her skills to forecast marketing trends and analyze competition. Karyn will help develop a plan for your business that will facilitate strong bottom line numbers. Karyn will use her intuitive skills in conjunction with her background as a stockbroker, an insurance agent, and a financial consultant to bring you a broader perspective.