About Karyn

What sets Psychic Medium Karyn Reece Apart from those in her field and makes her a rarity among other psychics?
While most psychics will give general information and common names and then ask you who those people are (this is referred to as fishing or cold reading), Karyn in contrast will provide very specific psychic information such as names, numbers, dates and times.
• Karyn has been recognized for her on-going business acumen in predicting business forecasts that has aided her clientele in making record profits.
• She has been a part of many major efforts in paranormal investigations as well as law enforcement investigations.
• Her media profile is replete with top name media references such as A&E, Biography Channel, Lifetime Channel, TLC, The Discovery Channel, The Bill Cunningham Show, The Buzz Radio Station, Host and Co Producer Of TV Show Secrets From Beyond in which Karyn works with a live studio audience and The Karyn Reece TV Show in which her ratings were as high as 8!
• She has been seen by many producers as one of the most gifted and media friendly professional psychics in the marketplace. Her media exposure allows one to see the diverse nature to which her visual and auditory presentation can rise.
• Karyn is sought after by international law enforcement to assist in solving cases that normally defy regular police procedure. Karyn has given pro bono consultations all over the world in an effort to stop crime from spreading. She feels that it is important to give back to society.
• In addition Karyn has been asked by many corporate entities to render her skills in the direction of marketing and business forecasting. Because of her uncanny accuracy in the corporate community she has received wide praise for her work.
• Karyn also provides training with corporations and businesses alike and advises some of the most powerful people in the United States on matters of economic and business strategy especially in today’s unsettling marketplace.
To date Karyn has performed over 10,000 readings Considered to be the best in the industry, her client ranges from some of the most highly profiled people in the US including Law Enforcement Officials, TV Celebrities to Musicians.

Karyn is in the Top 1% of Psychic Mediums nationwide. A naturally born gifted psychic medium, Karyn’s gift runs on her maternal mother’s and father’s side.


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