We end our series on Chakras today with the Crown, shown in pink on the diagram above. It rests on the top of your head and is deeply connected to wisdom and consciousness. It allows us to tap into universal forces and perceive powers greater than ourselves. When the Crown is balanced and open,m we will often experience feelings of bliss and ease with the world. This Chakra in particular is hard for many people, as all six other Chakras must be balanced for this one to remain so.

When this Chakra is imbalanced, there will often be negative feelings toward spirituality and skepticism toward the existence of otherworldly forces. This is not to say that one has to have religion to keep their crown chakra open, one just needs to be open to the idea of forces at work in the universe. On the other end of the spectrum, a blocked crown chakra can also be the result of an obsessiveness attitude toward spiritual matters. It just reinforces the notion that Chakras need BALANCE above all else to stay open!