The Third Eye Chakra, highlighted in purple above, is perhaps the most famous of all seven Chakras. Located between your eyebrows and above the bridge of your nose, the Third Eye Chakra is known to represent intuition, perception, and connection to the outside world. Fun fact, it’s also where psychic abilities come from! If your Third Eye is strong and open you’ll be able to perceive energy movements from other dimensions like the spirit world.

In order to heal a closed or unbalanced Third Eye, one must let their barriers down and become open to what the universe has in store for them. This means meditating and making sure there’s more in your life than work, school, and mundane daily activities. Set yourself on a spiritual path and surround yourself with positive fresh energy from the natural world. Crystals healing and burning essential oils during meditation can help in the balancing of a Third Eye Chakra as well.

This one is no joke, get yourself out of your rut and do things good for youyr soul! Look around you and see what needs to go in order for you to open your Third Eye and see the world like a psychic does!