Because they represent our spiritual health and mental well-being, it’s very important that we keep them open and allow energy to flow consistently through each one. What does it mean to have an open Chakra? It means that we are neither consciously nor subconsciously taking in negative energy or blocking out new experiences.

One way that we can keep these Chakras open is to regularly practice Yoga and take time each day to meditate. This way, we stay  in touch with our bodies on a basic spiritual and physical level, engaging each day with the forces that shape our being. Yoga strengthens us physically as well of courtse, leading to greater physiocal health and building a stronger mind/body connection.

Mediatation is particularly important when healing Chakras, as it’s time you can devote soley to your spiritual health. During meditation, breathe evenly and try to clear your head of the negative energies blocking the particular Chakra you wish to work on. For instance, mediating on a problem rooted in love will help clear your heart Chakra. Try to focus on cause and effect in your meditations and  slowly begin to feel yourself open up!

There are additional ways to heal your Chakras, such as purchasing Chakra stones, practicing aromatherapy, and  repeating mantras, but these are two simple and magonfocently effective methods to get you started. Happy healing!