Lots of people these days are talking about Chakras and keeping them aligned, but what exactly is a Chakra and how do they get aligned in the first place? Well, Chakras are point in out bodies that energy travels through, much like a spiritual hot spot.

Our Chakras are located in the base of the spine, throat, chest, upper abs, lower abs, forehead, and on the very top of the head. Each Chakra represents a different kind of energy and it’s important to meditate and lead a healthy life so that they don’t become closed and cause mental distress or sickness.

The root Chakra in the base of our spine deals with survival and independence, the Sacral Chakra in the lower abs concentrates its energy on openness and pleasurable experiences, the Solar Plexus Chakra contains our self-esteem and feelings of confidence, the Heart Chakra in the chest handles our ability to love, the Throat Chakra takes on our communication issues, the Third Eye Chakra on the forehead concerns wisdom and decision-making, and the Crown Chakra on top of the head handles spiritual connection and beauty.

In the coming days I’ll be posting more about the history of Chakra theory and how to best maintain your own Chakras so keep a (third) eye out!