You may have recently heard talk about a planet being in “retrograde.” There’s lately been a renewed interest in popular astrology, and that’s where the term comes from. When a planet, like Mercury for example, is in retrograde, it has moved from its usual alignment and therefore throws off the usual patterns of our lives. These retrogrades last for a few weeks to a month at a time and are sometimes concurrent with one another.

Since each planet represents a different area of life, each retrograde will bring out changes in those areas. During a Venus retrograde, you may experience roadblocks in your love life, and during the dreaded Mercury retrograde, communication and interpersonal relationships can get quite messy. So, my amateur astrologers, keep your eyes on the skies and prepare yourself for the coming retrogrades by taking care of personal matters quickly and thoroughly! This is the only way to combat the craziness and stay on your feet.