During sleep our minds are at work creating universes, telling stories, and presenting visions. Some of you may have heard of the concept of Lucid Dreaming, which refers to the practice of taking control of your dreams through practice and determination. Astral Projection is a bit like that, but leads to a much more expansive experience. When one successfully achieves astral projection, their spirit has left their body and they’re free to roam the Earthly plane.

What does this mean? Your spirit can travel wherever you want! Look in on loved ones, visit ancient sites, or grab a few moments of peace on a distant island. I know I sure could use a relaxing night like that! When you wake up, you’ll be snug in bed, just how you left your body.

Here’s an extra tip: quartz crystals can help the spirit in opening your third eye and ensuring you’re successful in your attempt. So if you can’t quite get it at first, try keeping some quartz on hand!