In dreams, we can do anything; fly like a bird, swim like a fish, fight like a martial arts master, the possibilities are endless. Unfortunately for us, our dreams are most of the time out of our control. With lucid dreams, however, the power is in your hands. Different techniques can be employed before and during sleep that enable you to be spiritually conscious, thus allowing you to finally slay that dragon you’ve been fighting.

Meditating on appealing imagery before bed is one technique you can employ in your quest for lucid dreams. Once you’re in dreamland, if you see any writing or signs, look at them twice. Text constantly changes in dreams, and by latching onto this you will be able to separate the dream from your perception of reality and take control.

Of course there are many other tips and tricks to help you down this path, but I thought I’d keep it simple for this intro post. Good luck and sweet dreams!