Our dreams, whether it seems like it or not, are a reflection of our psyches and innermost feelings. When interpreting our dreams we can tell a lot about ourselves and our relationship with the outside world. By taking recurring themes, characters, and symbols from our dreams we can start to track the paths and patterns of our minds. Many websites claim to be dream dictionaries and give meanings for different symbols, but the truth is your dreams are unique to YOU. Maybe when you’re stressed you dream of getting lost in a mall, maybe when you’re happy you don’t dream at all! Good and bad dreams, nightmares and terrors take shape based on your individual stresses ad releases.

This is why I offer dream interpretation as a service, each one of us has a unique situation and our dreams mean different things.I’ll help you connect themes to your everyday life and help you find any secret solutions hidden in your mind’s eye. Sleeping doesn’t have to be a nightmare!