Okay parents, it’s that time of year again. It’s back to school for the kids. This is a great idea for keeping your children safe. It’s called the Pocket Finder. It’s a GPS tracking device that they can put in their pocket or backpack.
If you have children that don’t have busing transportation and walk to school, think about investing in their safety.
You will know where your children are as soon as they step foot out of the door. It’s great for elementary age children and you get to supervise them from a distance.  This device can be used to and from school, after school activities, grocery stores etc..
You can quickly locate your children using an android app from your telephone. This device will also track them on google maps. You can program the Pocket Finder device as to where you want them to be zoned. You can customize unlimited geo fence zones. If your children wonder away from the zones you’ve established, you will receive an alert on your telephone.
Some of the perks of having the Pocket Finder:
*It updates the child’s location every two minutes
*Alerts are sent in real time, when the wonder out of the set zones
*It’s small enough, to place the device in the child’s pocket or backpack depending    on which device you choose
*The Pocket Finder gives the parent a piece of mind of the whereabouts of their
Some might think the Pocket Finder is a pricey gadget but the safety of your child should come at no cost.