Curious about attachments? What, why and how do they attach. Metaphysicans ie psychics mediums like my self often encounter attachments to other people. That is to say attachments can people dead people or demonic energies, aliens and other non human spiritual entities.

Spirit attachments are real, spirits can become earthbound after death. For some reason, some spirits won’t return to the “White Light”. Some spirits that roam the earth are visible and we call them ghosts. They will continue to live on the earth as though they’re still living. Some of these spirits also attach themselves to our auras and feed off our psychical, emotional bodies. They live as if, this is their home.

When we live our lives in good psychical, mental and spiritual health, this will keep protection of a wandering spirit from attaching on to you.

Why and how does this occur? What can you do if you become victimized!

For those that play with the occult with the intention or ignorance you can open doors that you may not want to do. As a result which is often the majority of cases attachments occur. Likewise you may encounter a haunted place or a place where previously evil rituals may have been performed and you may have an entity latch on to you.

Addictions to drugs and alcohol can make you a target for a demonic spirit, the state of mind is not at full function and leaves you very weak in judgement and choices. The mental stability is at it’s lowest, when you experience loss of consciousness and blacking out.

When we heal the self from within and lead a positive spiritual life, we can keep unwanted spirits at bay. We need to keep positive people and energy surrounding us. Healing yourself is key.

Say a prayer everyday, this is one of my favorites.

I surround myself and ask God to engulf me with the white light of the holy spirit. I ask for his divine protection. I want nothing but positive thoughts and energy in my path.