I always feel that it is beneficial to everyone to know how to be happy. This world is filled with such turmoil and despair, finding happiness can be a challenging task. One of the important aspects of happiness is to be selfless. Selflessness can bring you true and genuine relationships and also bring you success in all aspects of your life. Whether in the work place or at home, our colleagues and companions cannot help but respect someone who is selfless. How do we do that and where do we even begin?

Here are some quick tips you can practice in your daily lives to become a less selfish person, which in turn, will make you a happier person:

  1. Consider people’s feelings- Nobody wants to feel left out, isolated, or have their feelings hurt. In this day and age, we are so quick to say whatever is on our mind’s with no regard to the other person. Take a step back. Think before you speak. There is no gain whatsoever by intentionally hurting another. If you think you shouldn’t say something, then you probably shouldn’t. Try and keep it to yourself as long as its not hurting anybody.
  2. Expand your horizons- Close minded people can often be the most judgmental. Remember. we are all humans and we all have feelings. We are all given different challenges in this world. Just because you may have done it one way, does not mean that there isn’t another way to solve the problem. We are a melting pot of cultures, religions, races, ideas, and customs…remember that. You may not agree with what someone does, but accept the fact that just because it is not your way, doesn’t mean it is the wrong way.
  3. Give for the sake of giving- Give what you can. Whether it be financially, your time, or your ideas, help others in a way that you can. It is not just about helping strangers either …help those around you that you know needs it. Maybe you have an estranged family member or a neighbor that could use your support. Do what you can to help them, whether those around you are doing the same or not. Be a leader in this case, not a follower.
  4. Practice selflessness in your every day- I know giving and donating around holiday time is great, but think of doing little things every day that can make a difference to someone. Hold a door for a mother that is struggling with a baby, pay for coffee of the man next in line, give up your seat on the bus for an elderly person. See, it doesn’t have to be donating tons of time or money..the little things make a difference too.

Thanks all for reading. Blessings!