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Many of my current clients own businesses, both small and large. They often come to me looking for advise for their business: assessments and recommendations, identify weaknesses and strengths, recruitment, and how to empower and motivate employees.

When my clients come to me for business advice, I give them both my personal and professional option (from a mediumship side and from my background in sales and stocks.)

Each week, I will highlight a topic that will help you to succeed. If you are not in management or a business owner, please feel free to pass this along to anyone whom you think may use it.

Promoting Your Business:

1. Use emotional words in your messages: Often times we get caught up in using the terms “Sale, Special, Clearance etc.” that we may forget that other businesses are using the exact same wording as you. Stand out among your competition and use words that evoke emotion in your advertisement. Next time you are ready to advertise; whether on social media or in print, try to use a few of these words: delighted, cheerful, peaceful, comfortable, joyous, thrilled, elated, eager, dynamic, tenacious, brave, certain, devoted 

2. Imagery: In a book full of ads, what stands out to you the most? Exactly! The advertisement with the most appealing imagery. Carefully think about what you are selling and what you want your clients to remember about you and your services. Choose a photo that satisfies your vision. You always want to envoke an emotion to your clients…make them want to come to you and your business! Pictures are super easy today with the great camera phones we have! Make it easy!

3. Utilize Video: In today’s technological focused world, we want to SHOW people what we are known for and the benefits of a product. People today love video: create a video of you, your store, your business, and your products. Highlight the benefits! Place these videos on your social media accounts and website. We are a visual society- best to SHOW people than to TELL people.

4. Be Honest: Do not be afraid to share your story with your consumers. Did you get into this line of work for a particular reason? Are you an expert in this field for one reason or another? Your clients will have more faith in you if they know your background and why you are so good at what you do. Remember: people connect with people and people connect with emotions. Be vulnerable!

5. Focus on the Hear & Now: The majority of clients and consumers tend to focus on the present time; clearing one hurdle before the next. If you want them to shop at your store for Christmas, don’t forget to sell yourself for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all holidays leading up to Christmas. They will know that you are a brand that they can trust to purchase from, even if they are in a last minute bind.


Thanks all for reading! Blessings,