I’m blogging today to let you know about this amazing book that I just finished called ” The Confidence Code”.  Many individuals don’t have confidence because we try to conform to unrealistic standards.  Standards imposed by others and by ourselves.

I’m here to tell you, stop believing that if you had the most expensive shoes, flawless skin, the perfect job and a size 2 dress that your confidence would boost.

We live in a world in which we allow ourselves to be judged by our peers.  Who’s to say what are peers believe or condone is correct.  Stop letting others decide, who you should be or become.  Confidence comes from within and no one can give it to you.  You have the ability to release it and live it.

As people we need to start believing in ourselves and live your life to the fullest potential. There isn’t a quick fix and you can’t wake up one morning and it will change overnight.  Confidence is more than feeling good about yourself.  It’s about making the right choices and decisions in moving forward.

Let’s start by changing the way you think.  Here are a few ways to kick start working on your confidence.

. Like Nike says “Just Do It” embrace your fears and put change in the way you act and your confidence will grow.

. Get rid of self doubt, to many negative thoughts will undermine your ability to change.

. When trying to change, don’t put your expectations to high. We aren’t flawless humans.

. Accomplish your successes in a timely manner and it leads to bigger victories.

. Make mistakes, your only human. Most of all don’t dwell on it. Move on and pick yourself up and continue where you left off.

. Put your mind in success mode by thinking it, dreaming it and living it. Always say to yourself you are #1 and believe it with daily affirmations and meditation.

. Know that you are worth every change that you are trying to improve in your life.

At last, believe in change because change is good for the soul.  It shows in your growth that you’re evolving as a person.  Remember change is painful but change can be joyful.  Change comes with tears and lots of smiles.  All of this is okay and natural.  Once you build that confidence, you’ll feel it in your gut.  You will look back and say to yourself “I knew I was worth it”!