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Phobias: we all have them but WHY do we have them? One of my family members is terrified of spiders…has been ever since childhood. But where did this stem from and why can’t we shake these phobias as fast as we want to?

Some phobias are easy to pinpoint the causes than others. Maybe you are afraid of driving because you were in a car accident. Maybe you are afraid of the ocean ever since you got stung by a jellyfish. We can all relate to those specific instances. That is how our brain works. When someone has a negative experience of something, we are programmed to “stay away” from it the next time we encounter it; which often results in fear.

But let’s talk about those phobias you have had ever since you can remember. Or maybe you have recently developed a phobia to something but cannot pinpoint the trigger. Or maybe you feel that you have a terrible fear of something that you may think is “silly” because you cannot find a cause.

Let me tell you, if you cannot directly find the cause to your phobia,it is probably an indicator to your past life. Are you afraid of water and have no idea why? Perhaps you drowned in one of your past lives. Something of that caliber directly resonates with you and we tend to carry those ideas, fears, and phobias on with us through our many lifetimes. We tend to think, “if it hurt us once, it can hurt us again” and we do everything in our power to avoid it. Even though we do not remember that life, our current life will often hint at glimpses of our past lives.

On a side note, do you know someone who loves dressing up and participating in Civil War reenactments ? These strong passions are also derived from our experiences in a past life. Perhaps this person was a soldier during the civil war or had a meaningful part in the war and their fondness still carries over to today’s life.

How can we overcome these fears that have carried on with us, you ask? Well, to really get deep to the heart of things, a past life regression (which involves hypnosis) is the best way to attack your fears. During this process, a professional psychic medium can guide you along the way and take you back to certain lives. You will see colors, people, specific imagery, etc. and many things will stand out to you. With the help of your psychic medium, you would then help to bridge the gap between your past, your present, and your future and see similarities across the board. Remember, we are all here to learn and we continue to “reincarnate” as long as we have more we need to learn or want to learn.


Thanks all for reading. Blessings,