This week, I want to blog about one of my favorite restaurants D’Avolio’s.  The owner Danny is one of the most hospitable gentlemen, I know. His staff is well versed in answering any questions, that you might have about the house kitchen menu and the amazing oils and vinegar’s. I’m going to let you know some of my favorites today. But please, be the judge for yourself and visit Danny and his staff at D’Avolio’s. Not only were there an abundance of different options, but I enjoyed trying some of the flavors.  Totally worth the experience. YUM!!!

Cranberry Pear at D's Cranberry Pear White Balsamic vinegar goes well with a side salad. It has a little taste of sour tart but is also very fruity.  Mixing the fruits give a new meaning and flavor to vinegar.  I also like a juicy chicken breast and a side medley of vegetables with a splash of this vinegar on the side.

cinnamon pear vinegarThis Cinnamon Pear Balsamic make meals even more outstanding. I’ve added it to the side salad, along with a juicy steak and potatoes. The vinegar’s are such high quality.  I highly recommend, if you love to cook, stop by D’Avolio’s and purchase them. Once again, the staff at all the locations are ready and willing to service all your needs.

5409 Main St

Williamsville, NY

(877) 654-8399