We always want to know that when our “time comes” will we be given the choice as to stay on earth for a while longer or to pass on. We probably have all heard stories and phenomena in which someone had a near death experience and they were given the choice . Obviously, people we hear those stories about, have chosen to so stay.

But is everyone offered that same choice, and if not, why do some people get the choice and others do not. Well (like always) that answer isn’t so simple! It is true that when some people experience a near death, they are given the choice to stay or die from the powers above. This choice is offered to someone that has already completed their life’s goals and missions, not to someone that still needs time to complete their job on earth. I have seen many mothers “stay back” and choose to continue on to live so they can watch over and guide their children and families. Perhaps that person feels like they can help in a certain situation so they opt to stay.

That brings me to my next point. Why do some people die, especially children or those involved in tragic accidents, and are they not given a choice? If you have lost a child, you are probably thinking that my son/daughter would have chosen to stay on earth if given the option. That is probably true. However, they were probably not given that as an option. Sometimes, when we have done what we need to do, God simply calls us home and no choice is given.

Another question that many people ask, especially when young people die, is whether or not they knew they were going to pass young. In many cases. the answer is yes. Whether they have talked about it or not, often times they are shown by the powers above that their lifeline is only so long (whether by a feeling, seeing it in a dream, etc.) But just because they know that they will not live “long” it does not necessarily mean that they know how or when the time will come.

Here are some examples of people who have accurately predicted their own death and in what form the prediction was made:

  1. Jimi Hendrix: In his song “The Ballad of Jimi”
  2. John Lennon: In his song “Borrowed Time”
  3. Jim Morrison: In the famous “27 Club” stands Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix (both of which had died at the age of 27); one year before his death, it is reported that Jim was out with friends when he commented, “You are out drinking with number 3” – meaning he was going to be the 3rd member of the 27 Club.

Thank you all for reading! Blessings to everyone,