I’ve learned that workplace intuition isn’t just seen through the management level. All employees, at some time in their workforce years have an intuition about something or someone.  Everyone does it. They develop opinions of each other.  The opinions come from being influenced by behavior. Some make strategic decisions based upon their feelings, rather than careful analysis.

So is this a bad thing to feel a certain way about someone?

When you’re able to confirm this with clear and precise actions and information. I say it’s a good thing.  So much of what we do in business is determined by data, numbers, trends and reports.  I feel this is an over abundance of thinking. What we need more of is believing in the feeling part.

In cultures, we have learned to believe that rationality is what should prevail when making decisions about anything from crucial business mergers to what to eat for lunch. But what of that voice from inside or just that gut feeling, that little something instinctual from within that tells us how we feel beneath those layers of logic?

Instinct and Intuition is defined as:

• Instinct is our innate inclination toward a particular behavior as opposed to a learned response.
• A gut feeling—or a hunch—is a sensation that appears quickly in consciousness  without us being fully aware of the underlying reasons for its occurrence.
• Intuition is a process that gives us the ability to know something directly without knowing how you know it.  This reasoning bridges the gap between the conscious and non-conscious parts of our mind and also between instinct and reason.

We need both instinct and reason to make the best possible decisions for ourselves, our businesses, our families and while choosing our friends. Unfortunately, we don’t use our own clear judgement.  We like to believe in someone that’s close to us or someone that you trust.   When we experience success using our own true instincts and intuition it makes it more comfortable in the decision.  We should always us these tools and shouldn’t be uncomfortable with the idea of using our instincts as a guidance tool.  Some people are embarrassed to say that we follow hunches, we trust in the inner power that we all are given.  The messages that our instincts send to us and consequently we diminish our capacity to leverage the power of our own instincts when we need them most.  We need to bypass our discomfort with the idea of relying on our instincts is based on prejudice.

We don’t have to reject our logic in order to benefit from instinct. We can honor it and call upon all of these inner tools because it gives us balance. By seeking this balance we will finally bring all of the resources that our brain can put into action.

Blessings, K