At one point in time or another, we will all face hard and trying times. Let’s face it- life is not always easy. Life is not meant to be easy. Life is meant to challenge us so we overcome our fear and obstacles and learn from our mistakes. But, with that being said, it is easier said than done to try and feel thankful for whats around you when it seems like you have a black cloud hanging over your head.

When everything in life seems to go wrong, how can you make it right? While it’s true that some scenarios may be unchangeable, the way you think about it and accept these changes may help your emotional well being.

Studies have shown that feelings of gratitude are linked with positive mental health. What are the benefits of gratitude you may ask? There are many:

  • increased self esteem
  • increased energy levels
  • decreased stress, anxiety, and depression
  • increased happiness
  • improved intelligence levels
  • decreased blood pressure
  • increased spirituality


I know, it seems so hard to be thankful for the small things when there are so many other things that seem to go wrong. But trust me, if you can learn to be more thankful for the constants and the changes in your life, you will feel better in your daily life. Try a few simple exercises to start you on this new path in life:

  1. Keep a Journal – in posts before we have talked about how important it is to journal before bed. At the end of every day, write down a few things that you can be thankful for (despite any negativity) no matter how big or how small, It could be a person you met, someone who gave their seat to you on the subway, or something funny your child did. Anything goes here!
  2. In the journal, take a few pages to write down the bad things in your life. It is also helpful to date the events (year only is fine). Then, look back at these events and be proud of yourself for how far you have come, what you learned, and the great things that have happened since.
  3. Learn to forgive – forgiveness is one of the most important pieces to the gratitude puzzle (we will talk about forgiveness in the next blog post so stay tuned!)
  4. Prayers- prayers of gratitude and thankfulness help keep you aware of the spiritual world and that God answers prayers all the time. Ask Him and Thank Him!
  5. Pick a few grateful reminders and practice them every day. Start with smiling more, saying hello to the security guard at wotk, and saying thank you when you normally would forget to. Continue these motions and expand on them as the week goes on!

Thanks all for reading. Blessings,