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There is a spiritual meaning behind our numbers. Numbers are actually one of the very strongest means of communication with us from the other side. When you start to see a pattern of numbers or a certain number repeating itself in your life, make sure to take note! That could very well be a message from the other side.

Number 1: “The Leader” A reflection of strong will, purity, and new beginnings , and positivity. When you start to see the number “1” repeat itself in your life, it usually signifies that a new door will start to open for you. Usually, the new adventure will have positive outcomes.

Number 2: “The Partnership” This is a decision-making number. In the future, there will be an important decision you need to make.  A repetition of 2’s calls for a balance, harmony, and kindness. Two is a signal that we need to work on our communication (in relationships, careers, etc.) and it also signifies that we need to make the decision that fits us best and do not ignore the decision that you need to make.

Number 3: “The Good Fortune” Also called “God’s Number.”Three represents your life’s past, present, and future. The number 3 also represents creativity, expression, and intuition. If you see three consecutive 3’s, it could signal that you need to evaluate your present path in life as related to your past actions and future goals. The number 3 usually brings reward and success in new adventures.

Number 4: “The Stability” Number 4 evokes stability and is considered a grounding force of all things around us. For example, there are 4 seasons, 4 directions, and 4 elements. The number 4 can mean that it is time to settle down, find stability, and even go back to your roots.

Number 5: “The Marriage”The number 5 signifies motion, travel, and adventure. However, 5 can also be very unpredictable and chaotic. When you see a repetition of 5’s in your life, be prepared for upcoming changes (both positive and negative in nature.) 5’s can also signify the need or want to travel. As marriage is often hectic and chaotic, yet loving and kind, the number 5 holds big truths to the sanctity of marriage.

Number 6: “The Beauty” Throughout legends, the number 6 generally has a negative connotation to it. However, the opposite is actually true. The number 6 actually represents love, joy, and truth. The number 6 wants us to choose balance and harmony and actually calls us to forgive when forgiveness is needed.

Number 7: “The Perfection” Another strong number like 3, the number 7 deals with security, rest, perfection, and safety. Remember, there are 7 colors of the rainbow, God rested on day 7 when He made man, and seven circles form to make “The Seed of Life.”

Number 8: “The Abundance” The number 8 represents momentum, continuation, cycles, and repetition in business, wealth, and success. If you see the number 8 frequently, keep trying and keep working hard at what you are trying to achieve, it will pay off in the end.

Number 9: “The Wisdom”The number 9 represents completion, wisdom. fulfillment, and good leadership. It also represents the fact that we should know and recognize our inner attributes. If you see consecutive 9’s, it may be time to think about how you can use your talents and resources to give back.

Thanks all for reading.