I want to begin by clearing up a common misconception. I have heard this question asked more and more frequently by my first time clients and I want to open the door for discussion so we can air it out, so to speak. I often hear “my friend/sister/mother/grandfather etc. just died 2 days ago, but I was told that it is too soon to see a medium, that a medium cannot connect so soon? Is that true?”

The answer to that question is that it is never too soon to see a medium. Sometimes, people in the paranormal and mediumship world may tell you that if you visit a medium too soon after you loose a loved one they will not come through. . Another common tale that is out there is that the deceased may need time to learn how to connect with the other side.  This is not true! There is no lag time in the spirit world. When someone crosses over, they can immediately start trying to communicate with us. They see your pain and sadness, and many times they try to let us know that they are okay. To someone who is experiencing this grief, they may not be able to see the signs just yet, as they cannot get over the shock, anger, and sadness that comes along with passing. However, it is much easier for a medium to make that connection for you. For example, I have seen people “cross over” the moment of death, I have watched men, women, and children, walk “to the light” hand in hand with Jesus and a smile on their face. That is communication- they want you to know that they are alright and they are happy! The spirit world has always and will always try to communicate with you. There is no time frame on that. The only time frame you need to be cogniscient of is your own. You need to visit a medium when YOU are ready.

Mediumship is a gift. I firmly believe it was put in this world to comfort those who are in need. Not everyone is a believer and not everyone wants comfort to come in this form. However, it is not my job to sit here and convince those who do not believe to “convert” (so to speak!) That’s okay, everyone grieves and processes death in different ways. We are all human and we all need and want different things out of this life. Mediumship can be a wonderful gift for someone who just wants to know what happened to their missing child or to a spouse who passed away traumatically. With that being said, there is no right or wrong time in the spirit world to try and connect. But, there may be a right and wrong time for you, as an individual. We have said in previous blog posts that people handle grief in different ways, and during each stage of grief, you may need or want something different. Before you visit a medium, make sure that you are ready to listen with an open heart and an open mind, the more open you are, the more comfort it may bring you!

Thanks all for reading