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For pet lovers like myself, we tend to think of our pets as our children. We love them, care for them, and tend to them their whole lives. Our pets give us unconditional love: they are humorous, sweetness, wonderful dispositions. When they pass away, it feels as though a piece of us pass away with them, often leaving us with a broken heart.

Animals have such short lives compared to us, and for animal lovers, it is hard for us to understand why God only gives them to use for a few short years. I wish I had the answer to that, but I don’t.

It is also hard when we hear the “doubters” (especially when we hear this from priests, pastors, ministers, etc.) that say that animals do not go to heaven; they are soulless, etc. I am here to tell all you animal and pet lovers that this is not the case! For example, I was in a reading with a client one time who was devastated over the loss of her dog whom she has had for years.  Her pastor had told her that her dog did not go to heaven as only human souls do. Obviously, this was not a man of God. God created all living things and loves each of them unconditionally, so of course they go to heaven. Long story short, my client was delighted when her dog came through in our reading! What a nice blessing for her to be able to know that her dog was loved, comforted, and having a wonderful time “on the other side.”

We have talked in previous blogs about who greets you when you go to heaven, who walks with you, etc. Well, animals receive a similar greeting when they cross over. They are always greeted by a loved one, whether in human form or animal form. Another beloved family member may greet them, a religious figure may walk with them, or even their own mother may meet them. They stay with their loved ones throughout their next lifetime, automatically loved by even those who did not know them.

Animals can teach us a variety of things. They love unconditionally, they respect authority, they follow a code of morals/conduct (especially pack animals), they follow their instincts, and they are a friend for life. In these few examples, we can see how humans should adapt some of their loving, caring behavior.

I have seen a beautiful quote filter around social media for some time now. I think this is a wonderful take home message today as it shows how we should all love and respect all animals (all of God’s living things for that matter) because we can make their lives that much better!

They might only be here a part of our lives ,but to them you are their whole life