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After we loose someone, we often think about the things that you have always wanted to do together but maybe never had the chance, or you find yourself thinking, “if I only had one more Christmas with her,” or “I wish we could have gone camping together one last time,” ect ect. Of course, that is a normal part of grieving but death has a funny way of making others think about how they live their life and what they could do or should do differently from that point on. Here are some things that we can learn from the deceased and use them in our present life:

  • Maximize your time most efficiently – we always have good intentions to do something, but now is the time to actually take a few minutes and accomplish it! Take the time to go out of town and see your grand children or take an afternoon to do something you enjoy with a family member, friend, or even by yourself


  • The Golden Rule: treat others as you, yourself would like to be treated. At the end of our life, we all face a “life review” before we enter the gates. Our thoughts, actions, and words are all reviewed to determine our place in the spiritual world. There are different “levels”  of hell and different “levels” of heaven..think of it like a purgatory. Be on your best behavior so you can go to the top!


  • Be kind to animals- this goes along with the golden rule, but for some reason (unfortunately) many people seem to forget that animals are God’s creatures. In today’s society, we hear of an abundance of animal cruelty and it is sad. For example, dog fighting seems to be everywhere these days. This goes against every rule in the book so be kind to all living thing


  • Learn from your mistakes- we are all given tests and challenges in our lifetime and we are reviewed and judged on how we handle them. If you do not like the way you handled a certain situation, were mean, cheated, ect. Learn for the next time and try not to make that same mistake twice. Life is about learning from your past to make for a better present and a better future.


  • Make positive changes- what goes around comes around, right? That’s what they say about Karma anyways. Death can teach us that life is short and if you want to make a change, start now. When you put good into the world, think positive thoughts, and carry good intentions, you will be surprised at how happy you become and you will see in little ways how the spirit world is truly happy with your changes

The important thing to remember here is that life is indeed short. If you have something you want to accomplish, changes you want to make, ect. Start Now! Death teaches us to live life in the present to the fullest potential, to be our best self. Be kinder to each other, respect others, and try to do the right thing. Remember, we are all given difficulties in this life time, and remember to stay strong and do the best that you can. These things will all matter when we reach the other side.

Blessings to all and thanks for reading,