Last time we discussed St. Gabriel and how influential he has been in my life path. Today, I want to give you a glimpse into the warrior and the protector: St. Michael, the Archangel.

Throughout history, we have known St. Michael to be a soldier and a defender; he is often pictured as the leader of God’s army. That is entirely true. I have been privileged enough to see St. Michael fight for justice and goodness. But how can he help just average Joe’s like us?

For starters, many of my clients can feel that their home may be haunted or they may have unwanted spiritual activity (not always in a positive form.) St. Michael is the warrior against evil; and a daily prayer for his intercession and protection can be helpful if you feel that something or someone is in your home.

For people who can connect with the spiritual world, oftentimes you see the good AND the bad – myself included. It is not always what you have signed up for but it was the hand you were dealt; how does someone in that situation learn to cope with the negative things you may see on the other side? Whether you see something that has happened in the past or something that will occur in the future but cannot stop it, a go to guide for me is a prayer to St. Michael. Because he is the protector of the good and the innocent; a quick prayer for those in need is sure to be beneficial to that person who needs upcoming protection or for that person who has experienced a terrible injustice.

For all of those who know me, I never affiliate myself with a particular religion. I believe in religious freedom and the power of choice. I am however, very spiritual. I have seen the other side and know that angels and heaven and God do exist. That is why I was propelled to talk about the archangels these past few weeks. My clients always come to me in NEED of something. Some come to talk about relationships, some talk finances, business, death, health, their past, or their future. The point is everyone comes in for a reason, for help. I always tell my clients that when I see something and tell them about it, they were meant to know. If they do not like the outcome, you can always change your decisions to take a new course in life. But also, the power of prayer can go along way. If you need help and protection and strength, do not hesitate to send a prayer up to St. Michael. The universe knows what we need before we do, but sometimes we have to ask for help. There is never anything wrong with asking for help from the other side. That is why they are with us; remember that.

Thanks all for reading!