For the next few weeks, I would like to profile a few of the archangels who have helped me over the years! This week, lets talk about St. Gabriel.

St. Gabriel, the patron saint of communication workers, postal workers, and messengers, is widely known for his messages to Mother Mary regarding the birth of Jesus. Gabriel, being the saint of communication, actually came to me during one of my very early meditations in life. Paraphrasing, he had come to me and said that he would be an integral part of my personal journey and help aid me in the messages that I receive from the dead and pass on to their loved ones on earth. That was a number of years ago, and to this day, he has never failed me when I needed assistance with something!

Gabriel doesn’t always show up in all of my readings, but he generally tells me ahead of time if I have a very special case coming in to see me and what to expect so I can better communicate with those that are suffering. His communication and messages with me  always better my understanding of the situation at hand and allow me to reach out and hopefully, really help someone in desperate need  (for example, if parents lost a child.)

Whenever I discuss this personal part of my life with others, they always want to know what he looks like. To me, he is very very tall, as is with most angels, approximately 8 feet tall. Whenever I see Gabriel, I always see broadness and strength whenever I look at him. I see his eyes as a crystal clear blue with dark hair. He usually wears either blue or white. His wings are HUGE! God’s pure light radiates all around him…it is absolutely breathtaking to see him and whenever I do, I consider it an honor and a privilege.

I always look forward to visits with him. They bring me peace and comfort and his messages from Heaven always seem to help me in some way down the road; whether within my personal life or with my clients. To all of my clients who have had to deal with a tragic death or extreme suffering, know that more times than not, Gabriel is in the reading with us, aiding in communication along both ends of the spectrum.

If you need help from above, St. Gabriel is a wonderful intercessor of prayer. Pick a quiet time when you can gather your thoughts and simply ask him to intercede for you to God above and state your intention. I bet, help will soon be on the way!

I would love to hear about any experiences you have had with angels. Leave a comment if you want! Blessings to all,