In the past, we have discussed spirit guides and how their purpose is to help us make decisions and overcome challenges based on their level of expertise. But, does that mean your spirit guide is actually your guardian angel? The answer to that is NO!

Spirit guides are given this role in the afterlife based on their level of expertise on a particular subject. Their role in our life then, is to guide us through difficult times. Spirit guides will come and go, may stay with you a short or long time, and you may have many different guides over your life span depending on what kind of knowledge and guidance you need in your current life’s situation. A guide has his/her own specialty. For example, they may help us with financial planning or with our communication skills. Think of a spirit guide as a tutor: when you have passed your exam, they go back home.

Guardian angels on the other hand, are with us to guard us and protect us. Guardian angels are there to intervene if a disaster is about to strike. They find ways to communicate with us and to warn us. Angels may guide us and communicate with us through voice, sound, smell, taste, image ect. Guardian angels are with us since birth. Our guardian angels are given to us and stick with us through our lifetime. While guides come and go, our guardian angel is always consistent. Guardian angels are especially good as comforting us in times of despair and sadness. They also act as a strong “go-between” you and God. If you need divine intervention, ask your guardian angel to intercede your prayer to God- they are happy to help! Guardian angels are warm, caring, and compassionate. They have loved you since the day they met you and constantly look out for your well being. Never will your guardian angel leave your side. Each one of us generally has 1 or 2 guardian angels around us at all times.

You know how you  hear heroic stories of mothers lifting a car off of their child that is pinned underneath? Well, of course science is always quick to give adrenaline all the credit, but (and I have seen this with my own two eyes) it is usually your (or your child’s or both) guardian angels pushing that car and helping you. Guardian angels do not just help in grand scenarios; they help with your common day to day dealings. For example, perhaps you are driving in the car and spilled your coffee in your lap which led you to take your eyes off the road for a few seconds. Remember that mailbox you almost hit? Thank your guardian angel for taking the wheel, so to speak. Guardian angels are fast : faster than you would even think is possible!

God has also assigned all of earth’s living creatures a guardian angel. So that means your pets, wild animals, strays, ect all have an angel by their side.

Thanks all for reading. Have a wonderful weekend!