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Welcome back, everyone!  Hopefully everyone has completed their Christmas shopping now that it is only a few days away! Last week we talked about “food” meanings when you dream. This week, lets talk about plants, flowers, trees, ect.

Before we start, I think it is important to say again: write down everything in your dream that you remember as soon as you wake up. Often times, it is not helpful to only look at one symbol but. It is more helpful and easier to interpret a dream if you can remember a variety of things that happened in your dream. So write it all down: objects, colors, people, smells, sounds, ect.

Daisy- if you dream of a field of daisies when they are in bloom, this can signal health, happiness, and prosperity while being lead down the “pleasant” paths in life

Dandelion- happy unions to come (marriage, friendship, parent-child relationship) ect.

Forest- a dense, dark forest can signal unhappiness in your home and/or fights among family members. To dream of a light, bright forest denotes prosperity, fame, and public (fan) appreciation

Garden- a flower garden in your dreams signals peace and comfort; a vegetable garden can denote loss of fortune. If a female dreams of a vegetable garden, this can signal fame or extreme happiness in a domestic setting

Grass- if you see green grass without any obstructions (ex. rocks) this dream can denote a happy life! Well accomplished careers, accumulation of wealth, and a peaceful marriage and home life. If you see withered grass or obstructed grass, this may signal an upcoming struggle in your life, but it will pass

Leaves- signals happiness and positive career/business improvements. If a woman dreams of fresh green leaves, this can denote that she will come into a “legacy” of sorts through marriage

Roots- to dream of roots of plants or trees can signal a decline in the business world. To dream of using roots as medicine can be a warning of an upcoming illness

Roses- if you dream of roses as being in bloom and fragrant, this can signal that a joyous occasion is coming your way. Roses also signal faithful love. Withered roses can denote the absence of a loved one. If a young woman dreams of gathering roses, a marriage proposal is upcoming

Thanks everyone for reading. Merry Christmas to you and yours!