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As we have discussed before, dreams can be a very powerful means of communication with the spirit world. Often times, dreams can be full of symbols that do not seem to make any sense to you when you wake up. Last week we discussed some common symbols you may see when you meditate, but let’s take it one step further and talk about some symbols and their meanings you may see in your dreams.

For the next few weeks, I will try and put some symbols into categories for you so you can easily look back if you dream of these in the future or have had a dream of these in the past. This week, lets discuss food symbolism:

Bread- baking bread with others  indicates competence through life. If a woman dreams of eating bread, it can mean  that she will have a child or children who are stubborn

Breakfast- fast but favorable changes will be coming your way. Eating breakfast with others is positive, while eating alone means that your enemy may try and “entrap” you

Bacon- to dream of eating bacon in general is good, unless the bacon is rancid, then this could mean your perception has dulled and you have worry coming up around you

Beef- beef served in a cooked state surrounded by pleasantries signals harmony with your current life. Raw/bloody beef can signify an upcoming illness

Fruit- ripe fruit can symbolize prosperity in your future; green fruit can symbolize disappointment. Buying/selling fruit can denote an increase in business, but not necessarily increase fortune by means of money

Milk- Drinking milk can symbolize a fortunate voyage or an abundant harvest. Milk also signals riches, or an increase in fortune. If you spill milk or the milk is sour, then you may face unhappiness with petty troubles and friendships

Grapes-seeing grapes can mean that you will attain a promising position in your career and/or somehow bring happiness to others. Eating grapes can mean that you will soon be burdened with many cares

Pies- watch your enemies, as they are planning something negative. Stay on your toes

Butter- fresh butter is a sign of good health, wellness, and fortune. Rancid butter signals an upcoming struggle of manual labor

Hunger- to dream you are hungry can mean that you do not find comfort in your current situation, whether at home, work, or in relationships

Thanks all for reading. Blessings!