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Now that you have had a few weeks to really “practice” your meditation, hopefully you have found it to be something calming and peaceful. I am hoping you have started to enjoy taking the time out of your busy day to meditate, not only will this bring you a moment of peace but it will also help you be more aware of the spirit world around you allowing you to connect with that plane.

As you remember your meditations or look back on your notes, you may see a pattern with certain symbols or objects you see. Remember, not everyone sees/feels/hear the same things. You may have a period of time where you can instantly “connect” and then another period of time where you can’t. Don’t worry, that’s natural. Just keep practicing and open your mind. Let’s take a look at some of the more “popular” symbols that you may encounter while meditating:

Voices- You may hear a voice when you meditate- this could sound like your own voice, a voice of a loved one that you recognize, or even the voice of the unfamiliar spirit guide. If you hear a voice, listen to it! Whether it be in the form of a warning, guidance, or advice..always listen. Don’t forget- a higher power knows more than we know on earth!

Colors- Each color has a different meaning and representation, along with the shade of the color. Example: dark red= anger and light red= energy

Butterfly- often the sign of new life, redemption, or change

Books- knowledge, ideas, intellect or the search for

Keys- unlocking a “truth” – perhaps an answer you have been searching for

Horse/Unicorn- power. healing

Feathers- protection and support from God and above

Wheel- unity, full evolution

Transportation – (ex. planes, trains, cars) signal rapid progression or change

Pens/Pencils- need to communicate or communication from above

Doves- faithful, eternal love, peace

The 4 Elements: Just like colors have both a positive and negative meaning, the elemental symbols do, as well.

Earth and water are both considered feminine; while fire and air are considered masculine.

Earth-  Consistent, reliable, firm, responsible, cautious , timid, scornful, superficial

Air- trusting, care-free, independence, optimistic, gossipy, back-biting, and cunning

Water- mild, devoted, trusting, compassion, rigid, unstable, heart-less

Fire- creative, daring,zeal, enthusiasm,  power, anger, hate, violence


Remember, symbols can be somewhat “out of the box”- they aren’t always this cut and dry. For example, perhaps you will see “Santa Clause” in a dream and then a few days later you meet someone with “santa” in their name or a location with “santa” in the name. This was a symbol while you were meditating!

There are many more symbols–they never end! Remember to keep your journal and document what you see, feel, and everything you remember!