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First of all, hope everyone had a nice and long Thanksgiving weekend! Last week we touched on the beginning steps to meditation. If this is something you are interested in, hopefully you had time last week to practice  the steps we had discussed.

People meditate for different reasons. Some may want a safe way to connect with a loved on that has passed on, while others may meditate just to bring a period of peace and quiet into a hectic day. If you have a conflict in your life and you are looking for a resolution, meditation may be your answer. Meditation brings you clarity, and your solution may actually appear during the meditation.

Next Steps:

  1. Before you begin, state your intention of the meditation. You can say it out loud or think it in your head, but be clear as to what your goal is. Do you want to connect with a parent/child/spouse? Are you looking for answers? Whatever your intention is, be sure to state it before you begin
  2. Record your session with a notepad and pen/pencil. After you have finished meditating, write down every color, sensation, image, sound, or feeling that you perceived during the session
  3.  Continue to record each and every session. Some sessions you may see or hear nothing, while others you will. You are still receiving the benefits of meditation and overtime, you may start to see patterns that develop in each meditation
  4. After you have completed your meditation, bring yourself out of the meditation slowly. Start to wiggle fingers and toes, stretch, and listen to the sounds around you in the physical realm.

Add these steps to last weeks as you meditate this week.

As you start to remember and record the symbols, sights, and sounds you see, you will start to wonder what everything means. Sometimes the symbols are cut and dry, while other times they take a little more deciphering.

Net week we will talk about deciphering meditation symbols and discuss a few of the common ones. Stay tuned!

Thanks all for reading. Blessings,