As an end to our Halloween season, let’s end with a bang! This is the season where we see a growing interest in the paranormal world. People try and connect with the paranormal in a variety of different ways, but it is not something that you should mess with if you don’t know what you are doing!

When a person is possessed, a negative spiritual entity has attached itself to a particular person. When an entity is strong and powerful, sometimes the only way to rid a person of the attachment is through an exorcism, often performed by a priest or a gifted psychic. Whoever is performing the exorcism needs to have experience in this field! Holy water and prayers are often used during an exorcism.

Stages of an Exorcism:

  1. Presence/Manifestation- this is the period in which the spirit will show itself to the priest or the psychic and it’s origin will be known
  2. Infestation- This is when the spirit will try and manipulate the affected individual, and will try and bring attention to themselves, often in the form of voices, footsteps, or poltergeist activity
  3. Breaking Point- This is the point in which the spirit will begin to exit the manifested body, often violently.
  4. Voice- similiar to the eye of the storm, where a calming sense comes over the group yet the spirit tries to speak through its subject
  5. Clash- this is the struggle and the fight between good vs. evil
  6. Exit- the spirit leaves the body and it is often manifested in the form of shaking and convulsions


There are two common exit strategies when a negative spirit haunts a house or a person:

  1. House blessing/cleaning- we spoke about this in a previous blog. This can be done with again, a priest or psychic, but it can take multiple attempts. After the first cleaning, you will generally see a difference after the first cleansing.
  2. Spirit Evocation- also known as an exorcism. This is usually more powerful and can resolve the conflict, guaranteeing the spirit to leave the entity permanent..

Remember- never perform an exorcism yourself…always bring in the expert!

Thanks for reading and Happy Halloween!