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What is a spirit guide? Is it the same as a guardian angel? Is it someone related to you? What is spirit guide’s purpose in my life? Spirit guides is not a term that someone uses every day, so I often find a lot of people asking questions about their guide(s). Let’s take a look…

First of all, you can have many spirit guides throughout your lifetime. You may have one at a time or you may have 3. You also may have a spirit guide that is with you for your entire lifetime. The number will fluctuate depending on what you are working through at that period in your life. And a spirit guide is just that: a spiritual being who is sent to us to help us and to guide us.

Often times, a spirit guide is to have a higher level of understanding or wisdom in a particular area, such as finances, health, or spiritual wellness. Perhaps you are struggling financially or maybe you are at a crossroads on your career path..you will more than likely be sent a spirit guide to help you through your decision making process! This guide could stay with you until your decision is made or maybe will stay with you for a prolonged period of time if you need additional guidance. Spirit guides are a gift from above and like I always say, when you need help, God gives it.

See, we were all born with a purpose in this life. Our destiny was chosen before we were born. We have a mission to fulfill. It is our earthly job to try and figure out what that mission is and how we can best accomplish it. But here to help us, are our spirit guides. Our guides come into our lives as we are needing to meet certain milestones or reach certain goals.

Okay, now that you know what the purpose of the spirit guide is, let’s take a look at how our guide will communicate with us:

Sending Signs- in previous blogs we have talked about how our loved ones send us signs from Heaven. Well, this is a similar concept. Our guides will send us signs that point us in the direction we should be heading. Signs are not always larger than life. The key is to look for repetition. If you see/hear the same thing over and over again…get the hint!

Sending People- Sometimes a person (a living breathing person) will be put into our lives to show us something. Maybe your spouse is considering changing careers, and all of a sudden, you see an old friend who currently works in that field. That old friend may then detail the positives and the negatives for you, or even have job connections for your spouse in that particular industry.

Intuition- Mother’s intuition, a gut feeling, ect..it all stems from the same place. You are sent these “feelings” to either put you on alert for an upcoming danger, to protect someone, or to choose a life path

How can we connect with them? Simply ask for God’s help and say a prayer to ask for guidance and protection. Remember, there are no such things as coincidences! Be on the lookout for signs and internal feelings from our guides…they are not given to you to simply ignore but to act on them and follow the advice they are giving!