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Throughout history, many of our American presidents and/or the First Lady’s have had dreams, premonitions, and visions about their beloved families.

President Lincoln had a dream about his death. While in a dream state, President Lincoln foresaw people crying in the white house. As he walked into the East Room, he saw a cloaked casket. In the dream, he had asked soldiers standing nearby who had died, and one of the soldiers replied, “The President has died.” A close adviser to Lincoln had retold the story of the president’s premonition, and according to him, Lincoln did not know that it was him who died, just a president in general, while family members claim that the president indeed knew it was his own death and funeral he envisioned.

Lincoln believed strongly in the power of dreams. While Lincoln’s wife Mary Todd was with their son Tad in Philadelphia, he had written his wife a letter and in that letter he told his wife about a dream he had. Lincoln said he had an “ugly dream about Tad” and instructed his wife to take Tad’s pistol away .

First lady Julia Grant, wife to Ulysses S. Grant, credited herself with a “premonitionary voice” that had saved her husband’s life on April 14, 1865. President Lincoln and his wife had sent an invitation to Ulysses and Julia, requesting their presence at Ford Theater on April 14th to see a show entitled, “Our American Cousin.” Julia Grant and Mary Todd Lincoln had deep seated rivalry. The rivalry however, was not the reason that Julia refused their theater invitation. Her “inner voice” gave her a warning of immanent danger that would be present if they were to arrive at the theater. That was the evening that Lincoln was assassinated. It is widely believed that the conspirators of the assassination thought Grant would be present too, and he too, had a price on him.

Ida McKinley had a premonition of her husband, President McKinley being assassinated, even long before he won the presidential election. As President McKinley had a reputation of being kindhearted and sentimental, he often ignored his wife’s warnings, claiming with arrogance that no one would want to harm him. He even refused body guards at times. Ida was also an avid reader of astrological papers, and it was in these journals, that she found even more signs that pointed to her husband’s future death. President McKinley insisted on running and accepting a second term of office, while Ida begged him not too. He accepted the second term despite Ida’s continued warnings that something would happen to him. It was during this term that he was scheduled to visit the Pan American Exposition here in Buffalo. Again, Ida insisted and even argued with the President that they not attend. The president won the argument with his wife, but was shot 2 days after arriving in Buffalo and died 8 days after the shooting…just as she had envisioned.

It is also said that John F. Kennedy had a premonition of his own death. Approximately two years before his assassination, he had a vision of sorts that his presidency would soon come to an end. JFK also told his wife, Jackie, about the premonition during a private conversation. On June 5, 1961, during a flight, the president called his long time secretary Evelyn Lincoln into his cabin. He had asked her to clear away some papers so he could go to sleep. As she was cleaning up, she found a little piece of paper with his handwriting on it. She tucked this paper away in her journal. JFK had written, “I know there is a God and I see a storm coming. If He has a place for me, I am ready.” Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 in an open motorcade.

As you can see, we are often given warnings of death and danger as a way to either avoid it (if it is meant to be avoided) or as a way to prepare us for death to come.

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