Tis the season for all things that go “bump in the night.” Do you think your house is haunted or do you feel a spirit that is hanging around ? Take a look at some of the signs that prove your house may have a welcomed..or unwelcome visitor.

  • TV and Radio Disturbances: Airwaves is one of the easiest methods that spirits can use to show us that they are present. Does your TV or radio turn on and off on it’s own ? Maybe you hear static when a program should be playing
  • Unexplained Sounds or Voices: Do you hear your name being called or muffled sounds or cries?
  • Feelings of Being Watched or Followed Around Your House
  • Feelings of Being Touched: do you ever feel like someone has touched your arm or someone has sat on the side of your bed but noone is there?
  • Unexplained Shadows
  • Electricity Disturbances: lights turning on and off on their own . Electricity os another easy means for the spirit world to communicate with us in some way, shape, or form
  • Moving Furniture: This can be as subtle as your couch being “off” a few inches or go as far as your furniture being turned upside down
  • Odd Animal Behavior: our animals have more heightened senses than humans do, so pay attention to your animals barking, shaking, or in “warrior” stance even though you can’t see anything
  • Temperature Changes- Has your thermometer been turned all the way to “0” without you touching it, or perhaps there is always one spot in your house that feels abnormally hot or cold
  • Scratches and Slaps– when something is truly evil in your home, it often manifests itself by trying to harm you: scratching, slapping, pushing, ect.
  • Hard Evidence: footprints, handprints, papers being torn up, or unexplained writing on walls or paper

Many times when a house is haunted, you will often see more than one of these signs occurring, usually a combination of two, three, or more. Now, if it is a family member watching over you, you may feel a brush on your arm or the lights flicker, however, this will have a POSITIVE connotation to it. When something is truly haunting your house, it will feel NEGATIVE. Like we had said in a previous post, the only way to rid your house of this type of spirit can be through a cleansing ritual, prayers, and even having an experienced psychic or priest perform a cleansing.

Please share some of your experiences. Thanks for reading,