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Many people do, indeed, believe in the super natural and the paranormal. However, there is also a relatively large group of skeptics out there. I am not here to convince you of either, but to give you the facts of what I know to be true and what I have seen, and it is up to you to decipher the rest!

I am sure that you have heard how everyone has a “left brain” and a “right brain.” The left brain is your logical side, your reasoning skills, and focus’s on math, science, and technical data. While your right brain on the other hand, is the artistic side. It is creative and “open minded” (haha) and allows free thinking.

As children, many of us were able to see, hear, and perhaps even talk to spirits on the other side. Oftentimes, they may have seen grandma or a favorite dog that had passed away. Why were we able to connect with the spirit world at such a young age without even knowing it? Because our imagination and creativity are in full swing during childhood! We were open to it without even knowing it. During those developmental years, we lack the “reasoning” skills that would tell our brain that “No, that could not have been grandma, she died 3 years ago.”  Therefore, children very often connect with the spirit world on a regular basis!

As we age, we mature, our brain develops, and we get educated, our scientific mind steps up to the plate and finds reasons as to why a sound you hear cannot be of the paranormal world. Hence, the skepticism.

Many of the skeptics, or the “left minded” thinkers want hard core evidence of the spirit world. While certain situations can produce this evidence, such as with the use of EPT technology, many situations happen so fast, that you can’t always capture the evidence in time. If you feel that your house is haunted, for example, this is generally something that you can pick up with the various technologies…whether it be sound or you can actually see something. This kind of paranormal activity in on-going. You can set up your technologies to capture the evidence for proof or bring in a paranormal expert to discuss what they see.  But let’s just say that you lost your father a few years ago and he drove a blue truck. Well, fast forward to today and maybe you saw a man that looks just like him drive by in a blue truck. It could have lasted only seconds…not long enough to capture a photo by any means, but long enough for you to see it and to KNOW that that man was your father, in spirit form, wanting to let you know he is with you until the end.

The spirit world is funny like that. There are so many different layers to it, and an answer to a question in the paranormal world is never just a simple “yes” or “no.”

Blessings to all! Thanks for reading