Do spirits cross over right away  or do they stay behind on our earthly plane? If they do stay behind, why? What is holding them to this planet? Let’s find out!

Often times, if it is someone you know or are related to, they are staying with you in a time of need. Perhaps you are going through a rough patch financially, with your children or relationships, or you may have issues related to your health. If one of your loved ones dies during a stressful time, don’t be surprised if you see signs that they are all around you. They are showing you that they are looking out for you and will help you through the tough time that you are going through, even though they cannot be present physically on earth.

Also, “ghosts” or spirits may stay on this earth for a time being to offer a warning or a message of danger that something negative is about to come. Do not dismiss anything that sounds to be a warning- our loved ones that have passed on continue to watch us on a regular basis, offering help whenever they are able to intervene. With that being said, they may be around to bring you a positive message or a message of encouragement.

I know we have touched on this topic before, but it is 100% true that your loved ones may stay around you to bring you comfort and offer support as you are grieving their death, especially if the death was unexpected. If your mother worried about you while she was living, she will worry about you on the other side too!

If you feel a spirit around you, but cannot seem to “connect” to the person or know who the spirit is, it can be someone you do not know. Often times, the deceased person may be connected to you by a physical means, such as through an antique or object, or perhaps they lived in your house prior to you moving in.

If you are having problems with a spirit sticking around and you do not want them to, there are a few things you can do to cleanse the house:

  1. Say a prayer of cleansing in each room of your home. State your intention, for example, that you want to rid the house of negatives and impurities, and ask for God’s help in the matter.
  2. You can perform a sage cleansing, in which you can purchase a sage stick, light it, and walk through each room of the house, holding the sage near the walls, corners, windows, and doors. It helps to open all of the windows and doors in the house as well.
  3. You can also cleanse your house by use of Holy Water. Say your cleaning prayer and sprinkle the blessed Holy Water throughout each room of your house.
  4. Another option is to have your house professionally cleansed by a professional psychic or a priest.

Thanks everyone for reading.

Blessings to all,