Have you ever wondered if you have psychic abilities ? Perhaps you find yourself “connecting” with the spirit world but yet you cannot explain how or why. Many times, that is the beginning of your psychic intuition. I like to say that connecting with the spirit world is like drawing a picture. Everyone can do it, but not everyone is a Picasso. There are many different levels of psychic abilities, it is not black or white. This field has a lot of grey in it!

Check out these signs below that may help you to determine how strong your psychic abilities are. The more qualities or characteristics you have, the more developed your abilities may be!

  1. Heightened Sensitivity to the Senses– Do you “hear” something and you do not know where it is coming from, or perhaps you “see” something that is not really there? You are waking up your inner eye and your physical senses. This is often one of the first steps to tapping into your psychic abilities.

2. Prophetic Dreams– many of us are lucky enough if we remember one or two visitation dreams in our lifetime. However, if you have reoccurring visitation dreams from your loved ones or frequent dreams that divulge future insight, take this as a sign that there is more out there for you to learn and understand about the spirit world

3. Sense of Trouble– One of the greatest abilities we are given is to sense trouble. Even if we have no other psychic gift, if you are blessed with this, this is one of the most helpful and powerful. If you know if, when, or where trouble is going to occur, and who it may effect, consider yourself blessed. Try and help those around you and help them steer clear of danger. Remember, if you were given the message, you are meant to do something with it!

4. Feeling Drained After Speaking With Someone- when you speak to someone and after the conversation you feel tired and drained, this could be a sign that you were pulling their energy, which is exactly what psychics do!

5. Spontaneous Vibration– Have you ever felt a spontaneous vibration? For example, when you are waking up or before you go to sleep at night ? Perhaps you find yourself FEELING what your friend or family member is feeling. You are picking up their vibrations!

Thanks all for reading. Come back for the rest of September and October for more paranormal topics as we gear up for Halloween!