We hate to think about our loved ones in pain at the time of death, especially if it was  something that is unexpected and presumed to be a painful death.

First, lets talk about deaths that are unexpected and violent deaths, such as crashes, fires, drownings, suicide, heart attacks, gunshots, ect. More often than not (as long as you are going to Heaven) you are out of your physical body BEFORE the “moment of impact,” so to speak. Our spirit guides or guardian angels pull us out of body before we feel anything. Many in the science fields argue the opposite. They argue that you must feel pain at the moment of death because your body shows physical signs of pain. However, that is not quite the case. In quick deaths such as those mentioned above, you feel nothing. The moment is so fast, your physical body lags behind your spiritual body. In fact, this is one of the greatest gifts God gives us…a pain free death. The individual will feel nothing but pure bliss once their spirit guide removes them from their body. Rest assured.

Of course, fast and quick deaths do not happen to everyone. Others face a slower death process. Cancer is one of these examples. Unfortunately, yes, these individuals may feel pain during the disease process which is obviously a longer more drawn out process. However, these individuals can still be relativity pain free thanks to the advancement of modern medicine. But, they do not feel pain during those last few breaths they take. Again, our spirit guides remove us from body before pain associated with death can even be felt.

Take September 11, those individuals affected in the towers, on the ground, and the innocent individuals on the planes did not feel any pain when they died. It was a complete painless death.

So for all of those that fear death: there is no need . For all of those that have lost somebody, whether expected or unexpected, be comforted in knowing that at the moment of death, your loved one was filled with health, peace, and joy.

Blessings to all and thanks for reading!