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I know there are many religious organizations out there that teach you that if someone commits suicide, they will not go to Heaven. You have arguments from across the board, many saying that suicide is murder…and you took a life, whether your own, or someone else’s. But how can that be? Especially when they preach that God is good and forgiving! How could He not forgive someone for this ? Would He really punish someone with such an illness to a life of eternal damnation?  Many religions look at life and death as black and white. But I think we can all attest to the fact that life has a funny way of throwing alot of “grey” into it. So, how can something so life altering be measured by a simple Yes or No..black or white?

Well, I am hear to tell you and assure you that people who commit suicide do go to Heaven. How do I know? I have seen it. I have been to Heaven. And I have communicated with these individuals.  It is not their intention to harm themselves, or harm those around them. Remember, they are not in the right frame of mind at this time. Perhaps the ability to reason and think clearly is blurred. What they do suffer from, is indeed an illness. How can we blame someone with an illness; whether mental or physical? We did not ask for the hand we were dealt, but it was given to us.

It comes down to regret and sorrow. During your life review, are you sorry? Did you ask for forgiveness? Would you have lived your life differently looking back? Many say yes, and that is why they enter Heaven (obviously there are many factors determining whether or not you will enter Heaven- but all those aside and just taking the act of suicide) God is forgiving and good and He can surely overlook our mistakes and wrong doings.

And with suicide comes guilt of their family and friends. You blame your self because you did not see this coming, or you should have pushed for him/her to get help. This goes back to the basic laws of nature…if you are meant to intervene..you will KNOW how to and when to. If you are not meant to stop it, then this occurrence will take you by surprise. So, there is no reason to feel guilty. Stop blaming yourself and allow yourself  to heal. If your loved one did commit suicide, it was there time to go. They have accomplished what they were put on this earth to do. Now, take the time to look around. Listen. I bet you too soon, will see a sign from your loved one that they are “alive” and well, happy, and healthy, on the other side….the Good side.

Of course, if you know of anyone who suffers from mental illness and/or is at risk of suicide, do not hesitate to contact a health care professional and get them the help they need. They can guide you with the proper channels to follow. For life threatening emergencies, call 911.

Blessings to all,