I am sure you have heard an abundance of stories over the years of how people that are close to dying claim to have seen Jesus, Mary, and/or a spouse or family member that has already passed on.

This is in fact, a truth. This DOES happen and it does so probably more frequently than we know. Death and dying is a complicated process, filled with grief and heartache. But with life, comes death, and it is something that we are forced to face, whether we want to or not.

So, you ask, why do our dying loved ones claim to see a prominent religious figure or a loved on before they die? They claim to see them, because they DO see them! No, it is not any pain medication that is making them hallucinate,

See, God prepares both parties: the individual that is dying and their family and friends. Death can be a scary notion for many people who are close to the threshold. They worry about leaving behind children, what will happen when they die, will they go to Heaven, will there be pain associated with death, and many more fears. Remember, God sends us what we need . If you have any doubts or fears about passing- they will be eased. That is why God sends us this message.  Jesus, Mary, or a loved one can visit the dying and deliver a message, letting them know that their time is coming but something better awaits on the other side; calmness will ensue.

It may not be your time or my time yet, but if we are facing the reality that a loved one will soon pass, chances are we are filled with many emotions, sometimes often debilitating emotions. When the dying sees a loved one before they pass, rest assured that if you need help, your loved one will share their vision with you. This will help ease your fears and calm your nerves, knowing that the time is soon coming but everything will be alright.

This visitation of your loved ones before you pass is also a “warning” sign for both parties. It is an alert that the time of death is drawing near and you can prepare your self, your family , and your children.

Have you ever seen your dying loved one starring off into space? Perhaps starring into a corner, window, or at the ceiling? Your loved one may be non-verbal at this point and cannot tell you about it, but chances are they are seeing  and listening to a spouse, parent, loved one who has passed, or even Mary or Jesus.

God sends us what we need to get through the difficult time of death and grief. If your dying loved one sees a religious figure or a family member that has already passed, and tells you about it, know that this is a message from above and let this visitation heal you and help you through the death.

Blessings to all!