You asked and we answered! We have received many inquiries about auras: what they are, meaning of colors, and how to read auras.

Auras are a reflection of your spiritual, cognitive, and physical well being. One of the biggest misconceptions about auras is that people believe that individuals only have ONE color aura. This is not true- think of your aura as a bandwidth of color, like a rainbow. We are surrounded by pink, blue, grey, yellow, red, ect all the time, but certain colors get brighter and increase in size around you depending on your health and wellness, while other colors shrink in size and are not as prominent.

Your aura generally extends outward- approximately 3-4 feet in width all around you. Now, a physically healthy individual will have an aura of this size. However, an individual who is sick or battling a disease has an aura that is closer to his or her body and does not radiate out as far as a healthy aura will.

While many people perceive their aura having a positive meaning only, your aura can and will show positive qualities, but it will also show negative qualities or struggles that you are working through. This is evident in the tone of the color. The brighter color tone will  show positive traits and darker tones will signify areas in your life that you are struggling with.

Again- aura colors and tones change all the time! They show us our health, our external and internal struggles, and our mood. Your aura is a rainbow around you, and colors become more prominent and less prominent in relation to life’s changes.


bright red- energy, vitality, passion, stamina, love

dark red– fighting


bright blue- calm, faith, stability, trust, loyalty, honesty, devotion

dark blue- coldness, fear


bright yellow-intellect, ability to critically think, fun, humor, logic, creativity

dark yellow- irresponsible, unstable, overthinking


bright green-  balance, communication, nature, harmony, acceptance

dark green-evil, jealousy, guilt


bright purple- royal, luxury, artistic, imagination, intuition

dark purple- moodiness


bright orange-productivity, optimism, health, youth, enthusiasm

dark orange- ignorance


I often see grey as a sign of illness or disease. For example, if someone has a heart condition, you can often see a grey aura in their chest/heart

Edgar Cayce, known as “The Sleeping Profit” said that he was once about to get on an elevator, but when the doors opened, the elevator occupants had no aura. Needless to say, he did not get on, and the elevator then crashed.

Not everyone can read auras, some are gifted and some are not. Those who can read auras have reported that an absence of an aura means death is soon upon that individual.

Can You learn to read/see auras?

In a short answer, yes, but it takes focused training and does not happen over night! Start with a neutral background. Have your subject stand or sit against a beige or white wall. A quiet environment without bright lights and noise is ideal. Too dark of an environment will not be suitable either. Pick a small spot to stare at, like above the subject’s head, and stare at it for approx. 60 seconds. Your eyes will loose focus and you will start to see hazy colors. These colors are the beginning of an aura! By continuing this focused training, you will eventually learn to focus on a larger area and will start to see the multitude of colors.