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It is said that you are put on this earth to fulfill a mission. Once that job is completed, you may pass to the spirit world. While that may not be the case for adults, it is most certainly the case for babies, children, and young deaths. Adults have more than one mission and purpose to fulfill in this life. You may pass before or after all of your jobs are completed. That is why, we sit through a life review when we pass. We learn what we could have done and should have done better, and what we completed successfully. Children, however, are the opposite.

When young people pass, they have already completed their earthly assignment. See, when babies/children pass at a young age, they were put on this earth as very EVOLVED spirits and were put on this earth to teach us ADULTS. Often times, the lessons that our children teach us before they pass are simple, yet overlooked during our busy, technology filled day. Lessons, such as:

  • Teaching parents unconditional love
  • Teaching parents to take time and to stop and “smell the roses”
  • Teaching parents to spend quality time and to bond with their children, such as story time and baseball games
  • Forgiveness
  • Patience

Even though a young child’s passing is devastating, tragic even, please know that from the beginning their plan from our Creator was to only be on earth for a short time. They were given a mission and purpose (perhaps one of those listed above) during their short time on earth and once that job was fulfilled, it is time to go home.

It goes against our natural order and our nature to bury our children. Yet, a death of a child is meant to teach us to have faith in our God. In a way, it is a test of faith. As we know, God is a good and loving God, and would never do anything to bring us harm. Therefore, during a time such as this, we need to trust in HIM and know that our babies are happy and healthy and we will be with them again some day.

***Children are God’s angels on earth, and when they pass, God is calling his angels home***