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It’s only natural to wonder if our loved ones that have passed on are trying to communicate with us, and if they are, how? I see it so many times…your loved one’s send signals all the time, but our “second guessing” gets in the way. We often find ourselves asking, “Was that really my mom?” Don’t ever second guess…if you think it is…then it is!

Spirits try and communicate with us in a multitude of ways. You and only you know your loved on the best. For example, if they had a sense of humor on earth…chances are they may have played a practical joke on you from the other side too…and laughed about it!

Below you will find some real world examples of the most common ways spirits will try and communicate with you:

  • Smells: When you are going about your daily routine, you may find comfort when you smell your loved one, or smell something that represents your loved one. For example, I have a client who lost her grandfather 10 years ago. He was known among his family as a wonderful cook and breakfast around his table was always a place to gather on Sunday mornings. Without fail, breakfast would consist of scrambled eggs, home fries, and sausage patties – all home made of course. To this day, she “smells” that same breakfast cooking around her house every now and then…even though nothing is cooking! Perhaps your loved one had a signature perfume or cologne and you have smelled that around your house..well that is because they are with you visiting
  • Songs/Music: There are certain songs in life that make us think of favorite events, memories, and people. Recently, a client of mine attended the funeral of a family member who died young and unexpectedly. The whole family was having an extremely difficult time..after all, it goes against the natural process to have to bury a child. However, on the way home from the funeral,my client heard his favorite song on the radio. Now mind you, this was not a song that is on the top ten list and is played all day, every day. This was a sign from above! He is great, and he wants everyone to know that he is doing well and to try move on. My client called me later that day and stated how much comfort this brought her, and she “knew” he was okay and that it was time to start to heal
  • Touch:  Have you ever been laying in bed and feel “someone” sit on your bed and no one is there? Perhaps you felt a touch on the forehead, hand, or arm and cannot see anyone. Invisible touch is one of the ways in which our loved ones communicate with us. Even though we cannot see them, it does not mean that they are not with us. Sometimes, a quick brush on the arm is the smallest yet greatest gesture that shows us they are still around us
  • Visitation Dreams: We touched on visitation dreams a few weeks ago, and this is one of the most beautiful signs. To actually see our loved ones and see their face again helps us to move on. This grand gesture of signs often comes in a time of need or struggle…we may have an internal or external issue that we are fighting with and our loved one may make an appearance to offer encouragement, advice, or a warning
  • Electricity: Electricity is one of the easiest mediums the spirit world can use to connect with you. Lights flickering and digital clocks blinking are just a few of the examples. Your spirit body is more static in nature; making electricity an easy means of connection
  • Physical Movement: The spirit world will often “play” with you by turning a picture over or placing an object in your path. Perhaps your loved one had a favorite photo that you find turned upside down all the time. That is their greeting from above, letting you know that they are around and watching you.

Remember, our loved ones are always looking for ways to connect with us. Be open minded and never second guess a sign. Our loved ones are never that far away and always keep a watchful eye over us…