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One of the most popular questions that I get asked during my readings is, “What is Heaven really like” and “is he/she happy there?”

When a loved one dies, whether it was expected or unexpected, it is part of the natural grieving process to wonder if they are in heaven, if they are ok, and if they are happy there.

Let’s start from the beginning. When someone passes, they are walked to the gates of Heaven with a loved one..someone they recognize and care for. Many parents who loose young children often wonder who escorted their son or daughter, because they wouldn’t know anyone who has previously passed. Mom and dad, please rest assured! Someone connected to your son or daughter will walk with them to the gates, and they will know in their spirit who that person is, even if they had never met before, and feel instantly connected and loved. No one walks alone..everyone has someone.

Before you enter, you then watch your “life review.” It is here, that you see how you lived your life on earth. You watch the good decisions you have made, the accomplishments, and your favorite memories. But you also see the wrong decisions you may have made, the people you have hurt over the years, and you may feel how they felt. But remember, this is a learning tool. We learn from our mistakes and our wrong doings. From that point, the slate is “clean” , you learn for your future lives, and we can enter Heaven.

Recently, I was visited by a young adult male who had passed within the last few days ( I was doing a reading for a member of his family and he had a few messages for her.) He seemed to suffer quite a bit on earth, but he told me that he now felt, “incredible” and felt “no more pain.” And that is exactly what Heaven is: it is Euphoria, it is painless, nobody suffers, it is beautiful, and it is incredible. When you are in Heaven you FEEL wonderful. And even though we grieve when someone passes, we grieve for ourselves. Our loved one is no longer in pain or in anguish, whether physical or mental. No need to be sad for them…but it is natural to be sad for us.

The spirit world is just like earth (except no pain, suffering, ect.) Whether you liked to shop, go fishing, play cards, or ice skate, Heaven has an abundance of shopping malls, rivers to fish, rinks to ice skate, and always a ready partner to play pinnacle!

Yes, people in the spirit world have memories and can remember the good and the bad. They remember their graduation, first job, wedding, and the birth of their children. They remember their loved ones and watch fondly over them, often sending signs that they are never really too far away.