While not all dreams are considered visitation dreams, these dreams are very real and do exist. Most will bear a message for you. Not everyone is lucky enough to experience one, while some people claim to have many of these dreams throughout their lifetime. The dreams can be a glimpse into the future or you may even see a solution to an ongoing problem.
Have you ever had the same exact dream as a spouse, family member, or loved on on the same night or within a few days of each other?  Or perhaps you remember, in  detail, a dream about you riding in the car with your father that has passed away. That is a message from the spirit world and the heavens are trying to connect with you. God prepares us all in different ways, and through dreams is one of those ways. See, it is easier to connect with the spirit world when you are dreaming rather than awake for a few reasons. The first, is that all of your “deductive reasoning” goes out the window when we are dreaming. We can receive messages from the spirit world in our day to day lives in a waking state, however, we are such intelligent beings, that we find reasons as to why something scientifically would not make sense. In our dream state, we do not reason, we follow along and leave our minds to interpret. Second, you are quiet and not easily distracted like we are in our daily waking lives. This means that we can actually hear, see, and feel what the spirit world is trying to tell us.
How can you tell the difference between a visitation dream and just an imaginative dream? A visitation dream (when visited by a deceased loved one or someone from the spirit world) will have one or more of the following characteristics:

*You will KNOW: If you had a true visitation dream, you will find yourself aware of this miraculous message in your dream and when you awake, you will still be 100% sure that you experienced a visitation dream
* Intense Feelings: You will wake up with intense, emotional feelings and a feeling of love, warmth, and support
* Color vs.Black and White: You will often dream in color during a visitation dream. This is subject to interpretation as some people always dream in color. But, for the majority of the population, we dream in black and white. In a visitation dream, we will be aware of bright lights, colors of clothing, and the colors in the background
* Details: You will remember an extraordinary amount of detail when you wake up. In a “regular” dream, we can often remember a few key pieces of the dream for a short period of time, but in the case of a visitation dream, we can remember the majority of the details, even if they seem insignificant, and we continue to remember these details for weeks, months, years, or even your lifetime

*Physical Movement: You will be aware of any physical movement, such as walking, running, or even flying. Generally, this is not something that would stand out to us in a regular dream, but in a visitation dream, this is something that we are acutely aware of

*Communication: Whether or not the communication is verbal, auditory, or something you just feel, you will be clear on what the message is that your loved one is conveying to you. You will awake knowing and remembering your message

*Health– If the loved one who visited you during the dream was sick before they passed, they will never look sick in the dream. They will appear healthy, robust, and rosy

Remember, visitation dreams are just one of the many ways the spirit world tries to connect with us on earth. Our loved on may solve an answer to our problem, bring us peace and resolution when conflicted, be a foretelling of a future event, or even as a warning so we can protect ourselves.

Can you ask for a loved one to visit you in a dream?

Yes, you can! Before you go to bed each night, think about the person you want to visit you. It helps to visualize them, even look at a photo of that person before you fall asleep. As you are falling asleep, say “Please visit me soon ________” and fill in the blank with their name. Continue to say it each night. It may take a while to train your brain to remember your dreams, but start now, and you may be pleasantly surprised!