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Near death experiences are probably more common than you think; yet it is something that we do not know a lot about. What do they have in common? Why do they happen? What does it feel like?

Let’s start with the “Why”…why does it happen? Well, there are two opposing opinions here. The scientists and the spiritualists. The scientists often think that a near death experience happens during cardiac arrest when the brain suffers from hypoxia (or lack of oxygen) – now of course this is just the basic idea without going into full scientific theory. When the brain is suffering from lack of oxygen and is dying and shutting down, a near death occurs. This, however, does not explain why people have FULL cognitive recollection of the near death experience, describing the near death vividly. If the brain was truly suffering from lack of oxygen, you would never remember the details. Also it does not explain why some people have an experience while others do not.

Now, on to the spiritualists. Whatever your religion or belief system, this theory looks at it more like a miracle. We cannot explain it scientifically, yet it happens for some reason. For some reason only God knows, you were meant to have this experience. That is why, after a near death, you can recount the exact details, because God wanted you to.  Me? I think of it as a gift from the heavens. Not something to be afraid of, but it is a little insight into Heaven.

I think some of the reason’s why near death experiences happen to certain people and not to all can encompass one or all of the following:

  1. Many are scared to die- mothers are scared to leave children behind, children are afraid of pain associated with death, ect. This is God’s way of showing someone that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. The process is painless, you are filled with love, and Heaven is so inviting that you WANT to go
  2. Unfinished business- everyone is put on this earth for a specific reason. Some, figure out their purpose in life faster than others. A NDE can be God’s way of showing you that he will not take you until you have fulfilled your mission, whatever that may be. You still have work to accomplish on earth
  3. Live life differently- perhaps you were struggling in life, whether with drugs, anger, religious beliefs, ect, a NDE shows you a glimpse into the afterlife, and yes, life after death really exists. Many often report changing their lifestyles after a NDE because they now want to strive to reach heaven after death.

What does it feel like? It feels beautiful and happy. I can personally attest to this as I myself have had one. This goes without saying, but NDE’s happen when you are close to dying. Let’s take cardiac arrest as an example. Let’s say someone suffers a heart attack and the medical staff is performing CPR. You may start with an “out of body” experience and have a feeling of levitating over your physical body, often watching the CPR scenario take place, or you can see what family or loved ones are doing at that moment. Then, many say that you see and feel a beautiful, warm bright light that you WANT to walk toward. Whatever is on the other side is so inviting that you want to leave your physical body on earth. Then, you may be met by a loved one, Jesus, or Mother Mary and you will hear something along the lines of, “it is not your time yet, go back…” Even though you want to follow the light..you do what you are told.

What do all near death experiences have in common? Everyone who has reported their NDE have all used the following to describe their personal experience:

  • said to be filled with positive emotions
  • often a feeling of “out of body” /levitation
  • feeling of warmth
  • serenity
  • security
  • nobody ever wants to “go back” to Earth
  • white light tunnel to walk through
  • intense feeling of love

Thanks everyone for reading, please feel free to share a near death experience below. I would love to hear!