Have you ever wondered if this is your first life, last life, or one of many lives? Chances are, you are living one of your many lives. You see, we are put back on this earth to keep learning and to keep growing as a person. In your past lives, you probably faced multiple challenges, as we all do, whether be physical, mental, or spiritual. Overcoming challenges and difficulties is what help us to come out a better person. We grow as we gain experience and knowledge. However, if you “miss” a learning opportunity or have made mistakes that require us to do better, we are brought back to this earth to learn from it. We continue this cycle for many lifetimes, so eventually, our Perfect Heaven can be reached.

Many times, lessons are focused around justice, karma, relationships, and love. But, these are not always as easy to learn as we think they may be: hence, the past lives.

Here are 6 signs that will give you a glimpse into your past lives:

  • Deja Vu– Yes, this is a real thing! I can almost guarantee that you feel like you have been in a similar situation or have been to a certain place before. Even though it may be your first time in THIS life experiencing it, you feel familiarity because the same/ similar situation or place has happened in the past
  • Meeting Someone– Have you ever met a person for the first time but feel like you have already met them? Perhaps you feel instantly connected to someone you just met. They were with you in some capacity in a past life! Groups of families/friends often stay together for many lives and continue to reincarnate with one another.
  • Periods in History– Are you drawn to a certain period of history? Maybe you love the Medieval Period and love to learn about this time. Chances are you have such fond feelings for this time period because you LIVED during it: and had a good life. Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you hate or detest a certain period of time, chances are again that you lived during this time, but faced many challenges and do not consider this as one of your “best” lives
  • Certain Foods– All of a sudden, do you catch yourself craving or trying a new food that you never thought you would? And love it? For example, perhaps all of a sudden, out of nowhere, you have an affinity for collard greens and fried chicken. This relates to southern living in a past life
  • Mannerisms- Are you characteristically out of sync with family or friends? Do you do something that your inner circle does not? That is because mannerisms follow you from life to life. If you talked with your hands in previous lives, I can guarantee you do the same during this life
  • Nightmares and Dreams– Reoccurring dreams are often a gateway into your past life. Many of us experience the same dream over and over again throughout our life, and cannot explain it. However, this is often key into determining your previous lives. Reoccurring nightmares on the other hand are fears of a past life. If we commonly have the same nightmare around the plague, you may have died from the plague in your past life and continue to fear that death

How to Tap Into Your Past Life

When you are falling asleep, keep saying to yourself “I will remember my past life” and keep a notebook next to your bed. Keep doing this every night- this will not happen over night! In the morning, write down everything you remember, even if it does not make sense now. You will eventually start to remember more and more and the puzzle pieces will start to click!