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What is being a psychic really like? On a daily basis, I am usually asked this question, but that’s okay, I love to answer it!

Let’s start off with a little back history. My mom also had the gift, as did my Irish-twin brother! When I was 7 years old, both my brother and I predicted the untimely death of my father, down to the date and cause of death (stroke) through a dream we both had the same night. I used to see “people” or spirits in my house, at school, on the bus, ect. and it wasn’t always easy to handle. I remember one time vividly, in high school as I was sitting in history class, I saw a another student’s ( we will call him Jeff, for ease) dad had passed away. The teacher called on me to answer a question, but I happened to blurt out the news that Jeff’s dad had died- which he did not yet know. Embarrassing to say the least,and heartbreaking at the same time. Jeff was sitting in class with me at that time

Over the years. I have learned to gain better control over this gift…which back then…I really had no control over, as you can see. Now, I can tune in and out as easy as changing the TV channel. Below are some common questions that seem to be on everyone’s mind, and I will do my best to answer them.

1. How do you sleep? Good question- I don’t! Well I don’t sleep that well. I can tune in and out whenever I want, but more often than not, I  usually have a very LOUD visitor(s) that needs to be heard and needs to tell me a message. Usually, I have that spirit’s family member coming in for a reading later that day.

2. How do you receive your information? I hear, see, and feel the information, pictures, and voice vibrations that come through. I could go on forever about this, but it’s similar to seeing a TV screen, and watching a picture play out before your eyes.

3. When you are working with missing persons case’s, how do you channel deeper? When parent’s call me about a missing child or when working with PD, I see, feel, and hear the information like usual. However, MEDITATION is key. I can meditate for hours on end, and in that state, when I am totally relaxed, I often go out-of-body and can “travel” to find answers.

4. Do you see bad/evil spirits and how do you deal with that? Unfortunately, yes I do. With the good, comes the bad. However, I always say a prayer before encountering someone ” unfamiliar” and carry Holy Water with me at all times

5. In a reading, if you see something bad, do you tell that person? This is how I look at it… If I receive the information, in ANY way, I tell you. Look at it as a warning of a future event and time now to change your course of behavior.  If I don’t receive the information, then you were not meant to know. You were not meant to intervene or change courses at this time. You are on this path for a specific reason. Behind every cloud is a silver lining.

I hope this answered some of your questions. Stay tuned for more!